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Breathing Trainer

Breathing Trainer

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Breathing Trainer

Regular price $22.95
Sale price $22.95 Regular price $57.10
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How Do I Use:

Step 1: Prepare Your OxyFlow Device
Before starting, make sure your OxyFlow device is clean and ready
for use. Insert the mouthpiece into your mouth, ensuring that the
side marked "top" is oriented correctly, with the base facing
upward. Gently bite down on the inner sides of the mouthpiece to
hold it in place securely.

Step 2: Proper Breathing Technique
Whether you're standing, sitting, or incorporating OxyFlow into your
workout routine, ensure you maintain good posture. Adjust the
resistance level to your desired degree of breathing challenge,
making it challenging but not uncomfortable. Inhale deeply
through the mouthpiece until you can't take in more air, and then
exhale through the mouthpiece until you're almost out of breath.
Concentrate on fully filling your lungs with each breath. This action
engages your inspiratory muscles.

Step 3: Controlled Exhalation
Take the unit out of your mouth and breathe normally until your
breath is steady. Then, repeat the exercise described above ten
times to complete one set. Aim to complete 2 to 4 sets daily,
ideally before meals.
We also provide a complimentary E-book guide with each order,
offering comprehensive insights into how you can maximize the
benefits of OxyFlow for proper breathing and improved
performance. Be sure to read the disclaimers and usage guidelines
included with your device.


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