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Earthing Sheets

Earthing Sheets

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🌎Instantly Soothes Relaxes Body & Improves Sleep Quality

🌎Improves Health, Mood, and Energy

🌎Extremely Effective, Safe, & Easy To Clean

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Earthing Sheets

Regular price $99.99
Sale price $99.99 Regular price $199.99
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No More Pain, Enhanced Mood, & Better Sleep

Experience the natural healing powers of the Earth for your wellbeing. With our innovative grounding sheet, you'llenjoy enhanced sleep, diminished pain, and start your day with increased energy!


The Amazing Benefits of Grounding

Why is LiveGrounded Essential?

When it comes to comfort and quality, we are the clear winner Instant Relief. 60 Night Trial. Extremely Safe. It provides the secret of Natural Healing and Rejuvenation by connecting you to the Earth, and balancing your natural electricity.

No More Sleepless Nights...

Drift into deeper sleep with LiveGrounded sheets: Connect to Earth's calming energy for a night of restful healing and wake up rejuvenated.


Change the Way You Sleep

Don't wait too long to experience the relief and these results for yourself!


Can't Live Without

I've experienced a significant improvement in both my sleep quality and recovery since introducing these grounding sheets to my bedtime routine.
Initially, we placed the grounding sheet beneath another sheet, but after a few weeks, my son and I started sleeping directly on it, and the difference has been incredible. My sleep is now deeper, my recovery has enhanced (as evident from my HRV scores), and I'm thoroughly pleased with this investment. If there's one suggestion I could make, it would be to offer the sheet in pure white. This change could appeal to those who prioritize aesthetics and are skeptical about the benefits of grounding. Nevertheless, I highly recommend this product without hesitation!

Must Have for Trouble Sleepers

I've struggled with falling asleep for as long as I can remember, grappling with persistent body aches and an ever-active mind, even after the most draining days. My sleep issues and discomfort were compounded by anxiety and a problematic hip, leaving me desperate for a solution. To my astonishment, the results were immediate and profound. Not only did my sleep quality dramatically improve, but my hip pain vanished by morning, and my anxiety levels decreased significantly during the night. The usual restless tossing and turning, along with the nightmares, were replaced with peaceful slumber since using the livegrounded sheet. I wholeheartedly recommend this product to anyone seeking restful, pain-free nights. I also notice my dog has been coming to sleep on the bed more often now. Maybe they can sense the grounding? It's incredible to think I almost spent $2k on a new bed when this sheet was all I needed.

My daughter got me these, and i love them

My daughter got me one of these for me a few weeks ago and she said it was to help me sleep. Thought it was strange at first but I was blown away because now I definitely sleep a lot better and stopped getting electric shocks whenever I touch the metal lamppost to flick off the switch at night. Wish I knew about this earlier! besides the static relief, I am getting the best rest ever and wake up more energized.

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