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Functional Socks

Functional Socks

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Functional Socks

Regular price $27.00
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Get it between - and -.

If you're worn out with neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, or sore feet in general - FunctionalSocks are your solution!

✔ Reduces foot irritation, inflammation, & sensitivity.

✔ Relieves & prevents pain and discomfort in the arch, heel, and ankle.

✔ Immediate & adaptable support from Premium Bamboo.

✔ Sleep with them on & wake up feeling refreshed

One-Size Fits All

Eliminate swollen ankles & unnecessary discomfort.

You’ve probably experienced the pain and discomfort of tired & achy feet. Tried everything from expensive physical therapy, painful foot massagers OR worst of all, just put up with the pain.

Now you don’t have to! FunctionalSocks has been developed to instantly relieve foot pain, swelling and neuropathy as soon as you put them on.

These bamboo socks offer a soft, thermo-regulating comfort similar to a gentle foot massage. Given these benefits, it's no wonder people are quickly grabbing a pair.

Alleviates and prevents pain, discomfort, and tenderness in the arch, heel, and ankle.

Advanced bamboo fabric enhances foot health by improving breathability and sweat absorption, reducing foot fatigue quickly and efficiently.

Deep arch support: Aligns feet properly for stability and improved posture.

Podiatrist Approved: Designed with input from foot experts.

Effective against ALL

types of foot pain!

Functional Socks offer a distinctive blend of natural softness and temperature-regulation that helps alleviate and prevent all sorts of foot discomfort.



Easy to use

Wear them as a regular sock, or under a sock.

Fast recovery

Achieve a calming effect and feel stronger than you have ever felt before.

Immediate pain relief

Relieve work-related stress, age or a sudden injury 3x faster

Carry everywhere

It is so simple that you can wear it anytime, anywhere.



Heal yourself like never before ❤️🩹

Experienced instant relief from persistent foot pain.

Have noticed a decrease in age-related foot inflammation.

Saw improvement after a long day of pain.

One million Americans who used to accept pain caused by neuropathy

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