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Mini Photo Album Set

Mini Photo Album Set

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Select at least 5-16 images


Mini Photo Album Set

Regular price $41.00
Sale price $41.00 Regular price $55.00
SAVE 25% Sold out
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  • Identical mini photo albums
  • For lovers, for birthdays or simply as a small gift
  • Choose your favorite pictures and create your very own individual keychain   
  • Your favorite moments  with you always and everywhere 


The importance of a mini photo album

Imagine a tiny album, just 3cm by 4cm, opening to reveal your most precious moments. It is not a digital slideshow, but a tangible collection of 16 images, each 2.7 cm by 3.5 cm, carefully selected by you. It's a modern twist on the classic photo album, scaled down to fit on your keychain, making it a constant companion of the people, places and moments that mean most to you.

Shape your story

What makes this mini photo album special is your control over the narrative. You decide the order of the photos and create a story that resonates with your personal journey. This process of selecting and arranging images is not just the creation of an accessory; it is an act of remembering and telling.

Originality and quality

The key to a stunning mini photo album lies in the quality of the photos you choose. Choose original, high-resolution photos to ensure each miniature print is clear, vibrant and full of life. Remember, this album is a reflection of your experiences, so choose images that evoke joy and nostalgia.

Avoid common mistakes

It's crucial to avoid dark, blurry, or out-of-focus images. The miniaturization process means that every detail counts. The clarity of each photo contributes to the overall look of your mini album.

A versatile and heartfelt gift

Keepsakes for every occasion

Whether it's a birthday, anniversary or just because, this mini photo album keychain makes a thoughtful and personalized gift. It's a way to share memories with your loved ones, give them a glimpse into your world, or celebrate shared experiences.

Personal and practical

Unlike traditional gifts, this keychain serves a dual purpose - it's both a sentimental keepsake and a practical accessory. He is a constant, comforting presence in your daily life, a small but significant reminder of the people and moments that shape your story.

Create your miniature masterpiece

The process

Creating your mini photo album is a simple but fulfilling process. Start by selecting your favorite photos. Then arrange them in an order that tells your story. Whether chronological, thematic or random, the choice is yours. The end result is a cohesive, personal narrative that unfolds with every page turn.

Personal touches

Think about what mood and message you want to convey. Is it a celebration of friendship, love, family, adventure? Your album can be a mix of snapshots, posed portraits, landscape shots or intimate moments. Each image is a chapter in your unique story.

Durability and quality assurance

Built to last

The materials used in making this mini photo album are selected for their durability and quality. The pages and cover are designed to withstand everyday use and keep your memories well protected.

Keep your memories safe

Each album is more than just a compilation of images; it is a vault of precious moments. Therefore, it is important to use materials that not only look good but also provide a safe place for your treasured photos.

Packaging and delivery: protect your memories

Safe and stylish

We understand that your mini photo album is valuable cargo. Therefore, we attach great importance to packaging. Each album is safely placed in a protective box to ensure it arrives to you in perfect condition.

Delivered with care

Our commitment to protecting your memories extends to our delivery process. We treat every order with the utmost care, ensuring your mini photo album arrives safely and on time.

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