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Trapezius Stretcher

Trapezius Stretcher

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Trapezius Stretcher

Regular price $49.00
Sale price $49.00 Regular price $98.00
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Naturally Relieve Distressing Neck Pain
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The Demands Of Modern Life Place Strain On The Muscles Spanning Our Neck, Shoulders, And Upper Back. Prolonged Periods In Front Of Screens, Driving, And Constant Neck Bending Create Muscle Imbalances, Leading To Pain Concentrated In Trigger Points. Trigger Points Manifest As Tight, Knotted Muscle Fibers, Restricting Blood Flow And Impeding The Delivery Of Essential Nutrients To The Muscle, Much Like A Knot In A Hose Obstructs Water Flow. Consequently, The Muscle Receives Insufficient Oxygen And Nutrients, Leading To The Accumulation Of Waste Products And Resulting In Persistent Inflammation, Felt As Stubborn Pain.

Get Lasting Relief From Neck Pain.


Created By Chiropractic Experts, Employs Precise Acupressure To Release 14 Trigger Points Within Your Trapezius Muscle.
The Node Design And Arrangement Are Informed By Real-World Data On The Size And Positioning Of Trigger Points Associated With Neck, Back, And Shoulder Pain². The Unique Lobster Shape, Tailored To The Trapezius Muscle, Delivers Targeted Muscle Treatment Akin To Chiropractic Care. Experience This Specialized Treatment In The Comfort Of Your Home, At A Fraction Of The Cost.

Eliminate your pain in simple 3 steps


Step 1:

Place on the ground. 


Step 2:

Lie on making sure to center your spine with the device & making sure zour neck is supported.


Step 3:

Bring your arms up and out to the side with zour palms facing up and let gravitz do it's job.

Hear What People Have Experienced

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"An Amazing Tool That Has Changed Everything for Me!"

"This life-changing tool effectively alleviates persistent neck and head pain, boasting unmatched quality with its food-grade silicone construction. Weighing 5.5 pounds, Sharing this remarkable experience for anyone battling chronic muscle pain in the upper back—I couldn't be more grateful for its incredible impact, rivaling even professional treatments.."

Hira P. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


"Skeptical but desperate - worth the money"

"I risked $50 on this tool—phenomenal results! Instant relief from excruciating neck and back pain, worth every penny. It's a miracle—lasting relief as you target and hold on painful spots."

Mathias G. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


"Great after neck and shoulders get tight from typing all day"

"I love this item! I use it during the day to relieve tension from working at desk and typing. I used a towel over it the first week because of how stiff I was, but loosened up quickly. Definitely do the arm motions, as long as you can tolerate it, it works." 

Doc H. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Rehabilitation Through Damage Reversal


Muscles Under Stress Limit Their Blood Supply, Hindering Healing. The Amarok™ Stretcher Alleviates Tension, Promoting A Surge Of Nutrient-Rich Blood To The Low Back. This Aids Recovery, Reversing Damage For Lasting Relief From Pain And Soreness. Additionally, It Reduces Tension, Elminate Sciatica And Lower Back Pain.

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Why It's So Effective?


Traditional Massages And Other Devices Offer Fleeting Relief As They Lack The Capability To Effectively Target Myofascial Tissues, Where Trigger Points And Knots Typically Form. What's Essential Is A Device Expressly Crafted For Myofascial Release.
This Massager Delivers Both Myofascial And Suboccipital Release. Its Remarkable Effectiveness Stems From Leveraging Gravity To Penetrate Deep Into The Myofascial Tissue, Accessing Areas Beyond The Reach Of Manual Methods.



Backed By Science


Employs An Innovative Iteration Of Myofascial Release Therapy (MRP), A Scientifically Supported Technique Commonly Utilized In Massage Therapy To Release Myofascial Tissue. Rigorous Controlled Trials Have Consistently Showcased The Efficacy Of MRP, Establishing It As A Proven Treatment Option For Upper Back Conditions.     

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